We Love Apps

We design, develop and monetize our own tech products, used and loved by millions all around the world. We master the creation process and transform brilliant ideas into successful mobile apps that we own end-to-end.

Developing products
mastering all technologies

Our apps and products are present around all tech platforms. We are always exploring the trendiest technologies and languages for coding. iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter and Unity are our playgrounds to conquer the world.

Worldwide Users

Our apps are installed daily by users all around the globe, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia and North America. We give a local flavour to every of our unique creations.

This is Who we are

Atacama Tech is founded on values that make us unique and disruptive. Besides our products and technologies, we are especially proud of our open culture and values that guide all our creations.

We Are

We love developing and promoting digital products that are game changers for the mobile app industry. We are obsessed about innovating and not following the traditional rules of the game. We embrace curiosity and will keep challenging the status-quo

We Enjoy

Challenges and difficult problems are exciting for us, we enjoy doing what the rest does not even dare to start. We like going out of our comfort zone and creating a journey that leads the way in the industry.

We Are

We are naturally curious thinkers. We love questions, feedback and exploring the unknown. If we don´t have the answer to a challenge, we will enjoy figuring it out and learning throughout the process.

We Are

We think mediocrity is boring and so we set ambitious goals for ourselves. Our ambition is to become the largest mobile app developer in the world and the journey sounds incredibly exciting for us. If you are impatient to learn and make big things happen, you´ll love it here!


We Are

We are constantly looking for new perspectives that respect the opportunity and the user. We embrace diversity and celebrate each of us being our true self when creating revolutionary products. We trust each other and give complete freedom to work where, when and how you may prefer.

Making Apps that Everyone

We are constantly creating new apps used by millions all over the world. We love the excitement of identifying top trends and developing new products. So far, we have focused on Android and iOS apps from several verticals including gaming. Below, you´ll find a few examples of our products.

Selfie Edition

Unleash your creativity editing your top selfies and pictures. Our app gives you everything to create awesome edits. Have fun with our sticker maker & collage maker. Get amazing makeover effects with our retouch tools: hair color changer, makeup stickers & more.


Find beautiful free hand-picked wallpapers for Android and iOS. We offer thousands of stunning images included in the app so you can have your favourite background constantly refreshed. We are passionate about beauty and creativity.


We create software programs that allow your smartphone and tablets to perform essential day-to-day tasks. We make mobile device users more efficient by allowing them to access functions such as note-taking, calendaring or making complex calculations.


We entertain the world and build awesome games for our players. Some of our hits include Puzzle mechanics, Arcade, Driving Motion, Bouncing Balls and Colour-Matching mechanics. We love hyper-casual games and work hard to keep disrupting the industry with our creations.

Let´s Make Big Things

Bring your talent, enthusiasm and passion and create unique tech products with us. Our family is constantly growing! Work with exceptional people and learn a ton by developing products that are game-changers.

What Makes
so Special Working
With Us?

We believe we offer nothing like the average professional experience. We want you to grow and learn with us by making a difference in the industry.

Work with Exceptional Human Beings

Work with Exceptional Human Beings

We are extremely selective when it comes to keeping the right culture. Besides outstanding minds, we look for extraordinary human beings that support each other and embrace a team play spirit. Each of your colleagues will inspire you to give your best everyday.

Create Unique Apps

Create Unique Apps

You will contribute to the creation of new apps downloaded by millions of users all around the world. We will constantly develop, launch and monetize new products and you will be a key pillar of our success!

Enjoy the Way!

Enjoy the Way!

Work with creative minds and technical geniuses that take conceptual ideas and transform them into hit games and apps. Learning and having fun while developing masterpieces, will be part of our goals!

Learn & Grow

Learn & Grow

We want you to grow and learn with us. We´ll be there to help with lots of training, a dedicated mentor and involve you in a wide variety of projects that will boost your creativity.

Help each other

Help each other

At Atacama, every team is interconnected and works as a global one. We value individuals who give and accept feedback as way to self-improve and thrive to collaborate with each other.

Be Valued for your Ideas

Be Valued for your Ideas

We don´t believe in hierarchies of people but on the meritocracy of ideas. We want thinkers and smart creatives that challenge the status-quo. No one will be right or wrong simply based on their role or status, we want fresh and outstanding ideas.